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Asked September 10, 2017

Mental torture and harassment by desertation of fiance

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I was in a relationship with a girl for more than a year. Both girl and boy were very happy with each other and decided to get married. As the girl's family are from a richer family background compared to boy's, she asked him to get a great job so that she could talk to her family about marriage. The boy was reluctant as he was interested in doing PhD, but the girl asked him in order to talk to her family, boy should get a great paying job. The boy agreed and found more than 5+ jobs even though he was not interested, but he did this for the girl. The girl was always demanding to get more salary therefore initial 4 jobs were rejected by the boy. After the boy got a job with a great salary (1L+ per month), she spoke to her family and convinced them. Then the parents met and decided for the engagement. During all this engagement proposal, she went to do her Master's degree to a foriegn country. Her parents after talking to the boy and his family, ask him to get own house so that they can tell their relatives that the boy's side is well settled. Again the boy agreed and booked an apartment by taking a loan of ₹45L. Just a month before the engagement, the girl calls the boy and tells him that she started liking another person in that country and wanted to cancel the engagement. The boy and his parents, her parents convinced her a lot, but of no use. The boy persuaded her and tried to convince her for months, but she simply blocked all contacts. Now she is back in india and somehow convinced her parents to cancel the engagement. The boy and their parents are from middle class family and they are distraught. The boy lost his PhD option, ended up in a job which he did not want and lost the girl too. The boy now wants to take strict action against the girl and her family for putting him/family under severe mental torture and trouble. Please guide on how can the law be used for getting relief.

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It can be done.

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Enagement does not create a legal obligation for the person to marry you. You may have gone through a lot because of the relatiosnhip but you require a strong evidence or a very reliable witness to maybe file a criminal case but nothing can be done to compel the woman to marry you. Being a consenting adult, the woman has the right to decide whether she wants to marry a person or not and there is no compulsion. You can visit see similar scenarios. 

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