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Raja.l Logeswaran
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Asked August 29, 2018

Money Recovery chit fund

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I joined in CHIT fund, who was maintained by my friend. He force ably convinced me to join in that chit fund. I paid 3000 per month for 14 months INR 42,000/- I that he returned INR 29,500/- and Balance 12,500/- is still pending with him. Whenever am asking he told that wait i will give you, But now he is telling that he is not going to return my money INR 12,500/-. I went to his office to ask 7 collect my money, He threatening me. Please guide me how to recover my money INR !2500/- from him.

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      That was no chit fund. He has defrauded you and many other people and therefore lodge an FIR ASAP. this kind of so called chit finds are operating in the market with sole objective of duping people.


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You have to lodge FIR against Chit fund compnay and Contact a Lawyer in this matter for recovery 


Atul kumar

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