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Asked April 02, 2017

Monthly maintenance in apartment society

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Hi, I am a flat owner living in Serampore. I wanted to know if there is a law in West Bengal which enforces flat owners to pay monthly maintenance on Sq Ft basis. And if there is such law what are the criteria to enforce that maintenance rule. Is this law applicable for apartments where association is not registered. Also want to know if apartment association can decide monthly maintenance based on the majority of votes. Thanks

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Sir, the act that governs apartment associations in your state is the West Bengal Apartment Ownership Act 1972. Though this act gives the association to collect maintenance it does not lay down any specific method of doing so. However, the method of calculating it as per square feet is prevalent among many associations. Secondly, an apartment association must be registered under the bye-laws made under the mentioned act. Any association which is not duly registered forgoes any of the rights granted to it including that of collecting maintenance.


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