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Asked February 01, 2017

Motor Vehicles accident

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Hi,i was met with an accident and i was the only survivor of that crash. My bike is not insured that time. What will be consequences of this case? Will it end as loss of money for me?

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We are sorry to hear that. Yes, the consequences of the case will be bad. You haven’t insured the bike which requires compulsory registration under Section 146 of Motor Vehicle. As for the accident you will have to prove by the help of witnesses that you were not at fault due to which the accident happened. But the penalty for not insuring your bike will definitely be imposed.[1]


[1] Section 196, Motor Vechile Act, 1988

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    Arun C
    thank you jayant for your reply. i need to clarify it in detail. i only drivem the bike and out of 3 i only survived.if i can prove im no cause of accident with the help of witness means i donot need to pay any compensation for them right?
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    Arun C
    thanks for your reply jayant, i need further clarification.. could you please tell me that will it come to me to pay compensation for those 2 who deceased? it happened in kerala and if im able to prove im not wrong with the help of witness means i doesnt have to pay compensation? your help will be a great relief for me. thanks in advance
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Yes, you need to prove with the help of witnesses then you don't need to pay compensation

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