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Pinki Ghosh
Asked February 17, 2019

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Sir, I am in need for a free legal advice in connection with a Motor Accident Case. I will be grateful if you kindly advise me in the following matter : 1. My husband died in a road accident in Sept.2004. The LC has given me an award for a sum of Rs.700000/- in 2008 along with 6% interest from date of filing of the case (Jan.2005) . 2. The Insurance Company challenged the matter in High Court. 3. The HC accepts the petition and orders the Insurance Company to deposit the entire amount in the court. (i.e Rs.700000) in 2010 4. The HC further directs the Registrar to deposit the amount in a Nationalized Bank on short term basis. 5. Now if the plaintiff again loses the case in HC what amount will be the payable award to me ? i) Will the insurance company pay 6% interest on and above the enhanced decreed award with interest in the bank ? or ii) Shall I get only the bank interest on the decreed amount of Rs.700000/- iii) In such case even if I win I will lose interest for 5 years if presumed the bank interest is at par because the case was filed in the LC in Jan.2005 and the amount was fixed(Rs.700000/-) in the bank in May 2010 Regards, Pinki Ghosh.

Answer 1

The amount will be on Rotational basisas per MV Act

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