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Asked June 02, 2019

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I am a 22 year old woman . When i was 4 my parents divorced. Both my parents remarried. My father remarried because i was a little girl who needed a mother. But my step mother once she had a child of her own started to show her true colours . When i was 7 years old she started to torcher me . My father did not take a stand because he had a daughter (my half sister). She used to mental and physically abuse me a lot and later my father send me to live with my grandmother. Again when i was 14 years old . I started to stay with my father . She started making up stories about me and my father. He couldn’t even talk to me . She would say nonsense. And later again after so much issues again i was sent to a boarding school . Once i finished my schooling and joined college . She used to say terrible things like i am a whore like my mother and unacceptable things like that . Later i got campus selection by 1st of college and i started to live away from them in a different city . She Tells everyone that i work as a slut there. And my father was having a severe liver disease. So he could’nt support me . Later i fell in love with a colleague of mine . I told my father and my relatives. Everyone is okay with the guy except her . She always screams on the top of her voice to make the neighbors listen . She says i have been sleeping around with many guys. And she is trying to bring down my character in front of others . All my relatives know what kind of a person she is . And now if i stay at my father’s house more than a week she creates some sort of issues and mental torture me. Because of her behaviour towards me i even had suicidal thoughts and she blames me for her daughter not listening to her. Now my marriage is fixed with the guy i love. She is trying to make issues to not give the gold that belongs to me and my mother . Is there any way i can legally move . She is a kerala government officer

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Dear Madam,

You may get an injunction against her from preventing you in marrying your own guy. Since because she is a Government Servant you can easily threaten her by lodging a police complaint.


For full procedure contact me on mobile through the Administrators of this Website.

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A sad experience suffered by you. Your had faulted in not taking a strong stand and did not opposed the uncalled behaviour of your step mother and has failed to provide you protection which was needed by you at crucial time. You have also faulted in not taking stand There is no reason to taulterate such behaviour on part of your step mother. Take your stand. If your step mother even utter any nonsense maligning your character or abuse you or illtreat you then call the police and lodge complaint against her. You can also file criminal police complaint against her for illegally retaining your jewellary and also of misappropriation. Consult a psychiatrist and come out from your past. Start a fresh life. If required consult with details. Siddharth Srivastava 9811776422

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