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Asked June 28, 2019

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HI, I wish to enquire about how to go about my current difficult situation . i have been married for 10 years no and i have an 8 year old daughter. My husband is very supportive and loving. for the past two year or so my mom in law have started mis behaving with me. she throws tantrums .there is no limit to what she says she says bad things about my parents , about me , about anyone who is close to me. Her nature is so that she wants to control everything. Juts a small example . If i request her that morning i will make food she will say no i will do it once we r not there anymore then u have to do it so let me make but then she is fighting she says she doesn't care about us doesn't make food etc. her behaviour is so idiotic that even her daughters feels that she needs medication for aggression. Last year her daughter took her to a psychologist as well. I never proposed this and i was never a part of this. this year again she is screaming on me in front of my daughter as if i am a non living thing. The worst is that its her nature to be negative she complaints about driver about maid about her husband about her son and daughters too. she is scared that i won't have a second kid. she wants a boy na. so now my question is if god forbids if she tries to do something to herself and blames me for that there somewhere i can complaint and bring this in some body's notice before hand. I know i can file a FIR etc but i don't want police to come in between. u understand my parents are tooo old to handle all this my dad is 80 and walks with 2 sticks, don't have brother. so please help me out. Meanwhile me and husband are planning to move out. some financial issues do delay these things but now its gone overboard. hopefully i m making sense thanks

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As such you donot have any problem or issue. You yourself has said that your mother in law make complaints of her son, daughter, driver etc. Try to understand her situation also. It is an old age problem when a person feel insecured and become suspicious to everybody. Do not take her behaviour otherwise and  try to understand her also.  Take help of psychiatrist and also other family members to gain her faith and trust. It is a normal family matter so donot involve police etc as it may spoil your marital life. Police will also not make arrest of such senior citizens and that too woman. Police too will refer the matter to mediation. If required consult with details. Siddharth 

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