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Could you please tell me the documents that I will be required while applying for Business VISA?

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The documents required while applying for a business VISA are:
1) an authentic passport, 
2) a single photograph, 
3) On company letterhead, an invitation letter from a firm in India detailing the nature of the applicant's business, the length of stay, the validity of the visa applied for, and the places and organisations to be visited, 
4) A letter from the applicant's company in the applicant's home country, on company letterhead, saying that expenses will be covered by the company. It should include information on the applicant's business, the expected length of stay, the validity of the visa asked for, and the organisations to be visited, 
5) Financial stability and expertise in the desired business sector are both required,
6) Documentation proving Indian entity registration or incorporation.

Answered on January 18, 2022.
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