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Asked August 02, 2019

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Will breaking my engagment lead to jail? 1. I met this girl via arrange marriage of same community. Before meeting she only message me about the requirements and Expectations stating that she don't want to be a house wife and want to do a job as this was my only requirement i went to meet her now she was different in person she was shy and has no confidence to which I thought may be its due to first meet. I said yes after few days after only talking now after a month of talking I slowly began to realize that she is not that independent she only do what her parents ask her to do.. She used to share everything with her mom and dead and I got 2nd thoughts but as engagment was near she also sensed it and keep on asking this to me to break it and I didn't want to as it's a big commitment but then I got to know that her mom is troubling my relatives about the getting my info that how I'm doing. So I called and told her that I'm 50% sure about this marriage but I will go ahead if you want to but please stop doing unnecessarily our parents are getting tensed.. She asked me to give time and then again told her parents.. Now I resolved the situation by talking to her mom. Engagement is done now in 2 days again she fought with me saying you are not giving time and I'll call off this marriage once situation calms down.. I was doing my ofc work that time. And in 5 hours her mom called all my relatives complaining about how badly I'm treating their daughter and she had not eaten anything and all.. Now here how things went. 1. Both parents had a talk my parents requested to let the couple be by themselves to which her mom denied. 2. I got a msg that she is calling of the engagement and that's her final decision 3. I called her next morning to take time of two weeks 4. For the first 3 days she was unsure that this marriage is right or not 5. 5th day she took a u turn saying that she can fix things for her parents 6. Next whole week she didn't drop a single msg 7. Her father came and asked me about the final decision to which I calmy said no.. And at the same day I told the girl also that this is my decision and she also agreed that she will also say no. 8. Her father said ok to me then while going he asked me to think twice to which i said I have thought this through. 9. Her father didn't even talked to my parents about the meet my parents called him to which he said nothing happened 10. Now me and the girl are clear and I didn't wanted any issue to which the girl was assuring me nothing will happen. 11. One day her father suddenly called and start shouting at my parents and I would have murdered their daughter instead of doing this and all. 12. Now he is saying I have spent 5 lacs which is a false allegations. The girl is taking u turn every now and then she was the first one to say no to the marriage and when I said no people started blaming me...

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