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If a girl's parents want to force her to marry a boy of their choice but the girl loves someone else and she is 25 years old, then can she leave her house legally for love marriage and what will be the process of it? Plz reply soon as possible immediately help required.

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Dear Sir,

You can take police help to stop such forcible marriage.

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Any person who has attained their majority can marry a person according their like and the parents cannot force thier child to marry a person of parent's choice.  You can register you marriage under the Special Marriage Act at your place. Usually it takes a minimum of thirty days to complete the formalities of the same .


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Girl is major and she can marry with person of her choice. 

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As per Indian law young girl can not be force for marriage 

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she can marry to his lover because she is a major. They both are going for registered marriage with witnessess. For that her parents have no right to case against on couple.

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