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Asked August 06, 2019

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Dear Sir My father has transferred a property to my name by a paid stamp duty registered gift deed. In the deed he transferred all properties by my name He passed away.Now my mother is telling me he can cancel my gift deed.she has got some information that she can do it Is it possible that she can drag me to court Please Reply

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Dear Sir,

Since the property belongs your father as such your mother cannot cancel such Gift Deed.

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As per the provisions of law, cancellation of the gift  deed after acceptance of the same by the donee is not possible. From the question it is only understood that there has been a transfer and whether there was a valid acceptance cannot be understood from the question. If there has been a valid acceptance , either implied or express, cancellation of gift deed is going to be difficult.

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No. A gift cannot cancelled by a stranger or your mother. You cannot stop her from filing case against you but gift can not be cancelled by her. If required consult with details 

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Hi, Once the property is gifted to you it can not be cancelled. 2. The property gifted maycancelled through the process of the court that gift deed executed by way of fraud or coercion then only court has power to cancel the gift deed.But in the above case the donor is expired. So no answer of cancellation of gift deed

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No, if gift deed it can not be revoke 

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The only way to cancel a registered document is by another registered document. 


Since your father passed away, there is no way of cancelling the gift deed

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