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Asked October 22, 2019

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My ex ceo made me sign a voucher for his expenses(30000/- rs) alongside my punny expense(1500rs). And i recieved the money in my account and i transferred his money to his account(to his wives account?) . But due to fraud action and financial irregularities by the ceo he was terminated from the services and company recovered the same Voucher which was for the ceo from me, as i had signed the Voucher. Now i am asking him my money and he is ignoring. I along with 9 other employees lost their job just because they were hired by him. Please let me kniw how can i claim my money back from him. Its around 30K which means a lot to me. Note- All the expenses of 30 k was made for his family and he is not bothered to give me back.

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Dear Sir,

You may not only get your 30k but also can claim compensation by filing civil defamation case against him as he provoked and insigated you to do illegality thus you lost reputation in the Society by losing job. 

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