Tarun Sharma
Asked October 23, 2019

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Respected Sir, I am 25 years old Guy from Chandigarh. I met a girl during my 11th standard and we came into a relationship on 21st August 2011. It went very well. In 2014, she asked me to make her meet my mother as we were very much into each other and she said that in future she wants to marry me. I made her meet my mother and sister. In 2014 December, we became physical because she promised me to marry me and even I promised her to never cheat on her. As we chose same college, so we were in active physical relation. She used to promise me marriage many a times. Even in font of my friends she used to say that she will marry me. I even have her letters and audio clips. In 2016 December, she got a job in Noida. So in October, we went to a hotel and I applied Sindoor on her as she said me not to cheat her on her back and she promised me marriage as I was very much in love with her. After that, I often visit her and we used to stay in hotels of Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon as a married couple. Whatever, she asked me to do I did on her promise of marriage. But, in May 2019 she broke up with me by saying that she has lost interest in me. What can I do sir ? I have our pictures, letters, videos, audios and even friends in front of whom she used to commit marriage to me.

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Dear Sir,

It is better to withdraw from the relationship and lead happy life otherwise you have to face several troubles. 

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