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I'm an only daughter of my parents and married for 4 years. I've had issues with my mother in law (she continuously gossips about me to father in law, complains about me to my husband, lies and manipulates when confronted) and my husband supports his parents denying everything they do against me. Sometimes he denies things that she has said in his presence, blaming me for imaginating it. Neither does he support me nor is he able to stop his mother's behaviour towards me. When confronted he and his parents deny everything, lie and manipulate everything said and done and become hostile towards me, not talking to me for weeks. My mother is a widow, terminally ill suffering from CKD and I was promised by my husband (it's a love marriage) that she will stay with us when she is no more willing to stay alone. Now whenever I talk about bringing my mother to our marital house, he goes quiet and ignores my requests. We stay in my office provided residence,( I am working and very much capable of supporting my mother financially) with his parents staying with us. I have no problem about his parents staying with us but they won't allow my mother to stay with us in my own official residence. I'm currently staying with my mother in her house, with my daughter, partly because the emotional turmoil in that house was too much for me to take and partly because my mother is not comfortable staying alone. Now my husband and in-laws accuse me of keeping their child/grandchild away from them but I've never denied them to visit her or take her with them for a few days. My husband wants me to talk nicely to his parents, still denying their role in everything that has happened till date, asks me to come home without my mother, blames me still for imaginating things and causing a ruckus in their household. I fear that the cycle of gossips, complaints, lies, manipulation and hostility will continue if I go back. Also I don't want my Mom to stay alone in her fragile state. Can the behaviour of my in-laws and husband be called emotionally abusive and what are my legal rights in this situation?

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