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Yogesh Mankani
Asked January 01, 2020

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My neighbor who has well built house was demanding to make some construction(as per his need) into my piece of land when I was constructing a shop on that land. After denying my neighbor tor that he said to stop the construction. After contacting nearest police station they take the all the matter in written and said to wait for 4 days for the orders to come and then police said tha after 4 days we will arrest him if he create any nuisance again in the construction process. Now after all this my neighbor said that he will go to court and ask for stay orders on my piece of land. I'm worried now. The land is complete mine, I have all the papers with me. I'm not constructing anything on his land. My construction is total legal. Will it be possible for him to get stay orders on my construction with any reason? What will he be going to present as a reason to the court asking for stay? Will court give stay order on all this behalf to him? If court gave order to stay then what should I do?

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