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SUBJECT: PRIVATE UNIVERSITY PLAYING WITH STUDENTS & NATION Sir In reference to subject as mentioned I cleared Graduation from one private university (XYZ) in northern region of country for 2010-13 academic session & obtained myself Graduation certificate in 2014. As per demand of my employer & keeping in view the future questions in 2015, I got the verification of my degree certificate from university by paying the requisite fee through Demand Draft, and received my verification through Registered post from university. The verification certificate was duly signed & STAMPED with university seal In 2016, when I was planning for settling abroad as per overseas country requirements I opted to get the verification of certificates through well known International credential verification agency of WES (World Education Services) of Canada. The transcripts were submitted by university in a Official Sealed Envelop of university. The Verification was cleared & I received the verification certificate from WES that the qualification obtained is of international standards & equivalent to Bachelors Degree of Canada. Due to some other reasons I was not able to settle abroad & started my professional carrier in India. I worked hard & well settled my works in a short span of 3years. Now the problem starts as someone complained to a reputed institute regarding genuineness & authencity of qualification awarded by university. Based upon the complaint, the Institution approached the university for verification of degree certificate issued by them. This time under somewhat pressure & influence the university gave negative reply to the institution that they have not issued any certificate to me. Then the institution asked me about the genuineness of my degree certificate & gave me a period of 15 days to comment on my qualification. I immediately replied to them providing the details of previous verifications. Overall the institution may have accepted my personal & international verifications & there is no other questioning for last 9-10 months Now I decided to get the verification done again. This time the system was totally different & instead of accepting the application by post there was a clear note on the application that the student has to visit university & submit the application by hand. Then I made the demand draft of fee as mentioned on application & went university office to apply for verification. There was another shocking experience as they refused to accept the demand draft & forced to deposit the fee in cash moreover they took the fee nearly three times of the fee mentioned on the application & also not issued any receipt of the same. (This was the same experience as for the study period in that period no receipt was issued & the fee was taken in cash). As their reply to the institution they also sent me a negative reply of not issuing the degree certificate to me. This time the verification was not Stamped with any university seal. Now I again visited the university & asked them to rectify the mistake but they funnily said that such degrees issued by them are not for works & use, but only for showing in marriage etc. I also sent legal notice to them but they didnt gave any reply. Presently I am not in a position to file a case. Moreover before taking a expensive step of legal way I want to get answers of some questions from university 1. Degree certificate issued by the university? 2. Application for verification alongwith Demand Draft of requisite fee? 3. Verification in yes sent by registered post by university? 4. Transcripts sent to World Education Services in properly sealed & signed envelop as per the conditions of WES & duly verified. 5. University had filed FIR just on the base of an ammoniums e-mail against the applicant & student. And in this case even after complaint from a reputed institution no action was taken . why? (because the certificate has been issued by university). 6. As per current application requirements the application for verification has directly to be submitted by student. No one will take such risky step of verification if the certificate has not been legally issued by concerned institution e.g. when we have to verify our signature from bank we goes to the concerned branch of bank not to other bank or branch & in a verification for such a crucial life matter one will never go to wrong location for verification. 7. When a fake currency is tried to deposited in bank, bank withhelds the note & destroys the same as it is a matter of national economy & if the degree certificate is not issued by university then why they have not taken any step to destroy or cancel the original document retained by student being a matter of university reputation 8. If the degree was not issued by university then how it was got verified to WES. I hope that answers of above question may solve my issue so please advice me the way to get answers & help me to recognized my qualification as they have earlier verified. My entire carrier is based on the verification from university & only a legally expert team as of yours can solve my issue. Please guide me about further steps & legal action requirements. (Who can apply for getting the answers of above questions?) This will also help other suffered students to save their future. Thanking you in anticipation

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