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Tarun Bhatia
in Criminal Law Banking Law
Asked December 25, 2017

No money to pay due bills

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I have three credit card since six year.I have been paying regular payment before due dates but from last few months I have some financial crisis. I have left job and started business and it was not as good as expected and makes a disaster loss.So thats why am unable to pay credit card bill.Now I am looking forward and switch to job again for financially stability.Here my concern is the credit card recovery agent continuesly visited my home and harrashed me and my family. I have discuss all my problems and try to convince them politely but they couln't understand my genuine financially problem & and come to my home on regular basis. Even I have arranged some amount and paid but it was not full amount thats why they just called me again nd again and harrash me nd family. My mother is patient and she is suffering from health disorder .By their regular visit and harrashment my mother was hospitalized. So please look the matter and let me know wht step should I take? Is there any legal step against recovery agent to stop visit regularly .At presently I dont have money to pay all due bills

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