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Asked December 16, 2016

Occupancy certificate

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I am planning to buy my first house , its a resale one. I got all the documents from the seller , the property comes under BMICAPA and it is a PANCHAYAT khata. Seller doesn't have Occupancy certificate of the property . Does BMICAPA/Gram Panchayat give Occupancy certificate ? I don't have deep understanding of the khata, the only thing i know is only Khata A is good. The property is there in Doddathoguru , Ecity phase 1 . I got to know that BBMP is coming to Doddathoguru . Now the question is whether I should buy this property or not ? Because Seller does not has Occupancy certificate and the property is having PANCHAYAT khata. Will it create any issues in future if I go with this property ? Do I need to get the khata transferred to bbmp and if this khata is transferred will BBMP consider it as A KHATA ? And from where should I get Occupancy certificate which I think is very important as per my research on the internet. As of now the seller is paying loan emi for this property. Loan was approved from SBI. I think SBI is one of the best bank in India which does every possible checks to give loan for a property. So , should I trust and buy this property because SBI has approved loan for it or should I leave this property because the seller is not having OC and it is having PANCHAYAT KHATA.

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Sir, an Occupancy Certificate is an essential document that is generally granted by the sanctioning authority like a municipality, or parishad whose jurisdiction the property lies in. The occupancy certificate is a mandatory document essential for proving that the building has been constructed only after attaining all permission and meeting the relevant guidelines and plans. The absence of a OC may lead the authorities to think that the building has been constructed illegally and will result in dire consequences such as eviction and the paying of huge fines.

Hence is highly recommended that you urge the seller to obtain OC before buying the property and if he cannot obtain it then it is recommended to consider another property. This is so because the BBMP is set to establish jurisdiction over the area of the property and in such time building scrutiny becomes extensive and stringent.

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