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Ravinder Reddy
in Civil Law
Asked August 23, 2017

Party not obeying injuction orders

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l filed case against function hall where they have been disturbing others by playing songs on high volume and causing nuisance to restrain the illegal running of the function hall (constructed without getting municipal permission). I filed a case and got temporary injunction order to stop running function hall. The court persons tried to serve the orders to the concerned persons, but they refuse to take the injunction orders and refused it, court in turn made them as ex parte. Now they are still running the function hall as usual. Next hearing date is posted for 15 days. My question is whether I can approach police to implement court injunction order after submitting certified copies of the temporary injunction from the court? Or should I wait for the next hearing of the court?

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Dear Sir/madam,

You can obviously inform the nearest police station about such and such order passed in your favour and against the function hall. Also, you need to file an execution of the same order in the court, after which the court will most probably issue a more harsh order against the funstion hall for not obeying the first order. For not obeying the court’s order, one can also present a petition regarding Contempt of Court, for disobeying any order issued by the court of law under The Contempt of Courts Act, 1971.


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