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Ramu Namala
in Civil Law
Asked August 23, 2017

Personal land illegally taken for temple purposes

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Dear sir., I am from nativity of Bowrampet, Telangana. residing at Bowrampet Village. My father owned a house along with back side open land in native and he is no more. it has been illegally undertaken by local guys for temple purpose which is near that land. But we are fighting with them and showed property documents, there not listening and none of my neighbors are ready to ask and they know it’s our property even old village people also saying it’s our property. We have started up building construction in that place and basement has been finished. Immediately what could be my move to stop them and get rid of the problem. Can I get stay order from court immediately?

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As you have yourself mentioned, the first and foremost course of action is to approach the Court and obtain a stay order, if they have started construction on the property. Securing the stay order would not be that difficult as you have enough legitimate proof as to you being the owner of the mentioned property. The stay order will not only prevent others from illegally intruding into your property but will also be an instrument to ensure that the police comes to your aid in case of breach of the Court order. Additionally, you can ask the Court to allow police assistance in you carry on with your construction work, if obstructions are faced from the intruders.

Apart from this, you can file an FIR against the unlawful intruders for illegally trespassing into your property. Section 441 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 can be attracted for criminal trespass into your property.

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