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Saowna Ash
in Criminal Law
Asked June 17, 2017

Physical and Mental Harassment by Boyfriend

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hi, i'm saowna ash i read in class 12 nd i'm 17 years and 8 months old. i have an ex boyfriend who is my same age... name biswajit roy.. he is continuously harassing me, following me, stalking me, touching me without my permission even kissed me once... hence i'm under 18 can i file a FIR if yes then what punishment will get cause i really want him to get punished legally he is continuously disturbing me nd my family even in school... please help me please!

Answer 1

Any person can file an FIR – a person against whom the offence is committed (a minor can file an FIR) or anyone else who knows that an offence is committed against someone (any of your family members can go and lodge an FIR). An FIR can be lodged at the nearby Police Station where the crime took place.

If a man (of any age) touches a woman without permission or commits any physical contact which is unwelcome then a case of Sexual harassment can be filed against him under section 354 A of the Indian Penal Code. He can be punished for a term which may extend to three years or with fine or both.

Actions like following or stalking are punishable under section 354 D of the Indian Penal Code. He can be punished for a term up to three years and shall be fined as well. In case he had already been punished earlier for this offence then he can be imprisoned for a term up to five years and shall be fined as well.

Similarly the provisions of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012 also provides for punishment up to three years or with fine for the offence of Sexual Harassment under section 11.

It is extremely important to register an FIR at the earliest point of time. Any delay in going to the police would require a proper explanation for such delay and might lead to suspicion by the Police. And most important of all, it might increase the suffering of you and your family members.



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