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Pramod Kumar
in Criminal Law
Asked October 22, 2017

Possibility of marriage between 17 year old girl and 21 year old boy

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I m a boy and I am 21 year old but my girlfriend is 17 years old she loved me so much and me 2. The problem is.. Her parents do not agree for this relationship and they never want to agree but me nd my gf want to be together nd she also agree to leave her family for me because her family tortured her and much more soo how can we fight against her family?

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Whatever be position taken by your parents, the girl cannot marry before she turns 18 as per the Child Marriage Restraint Act, 1929. Under this legislation, you and your family members can be sent to jai for participating in a child marriage. Even if she leaves her parents residence and starts living with you, her parents can file a FIR against you for kidnapping under the Indian Penal Code as has been done in many cases where girls under 18 elope(; In such a situatuion you should have evidence and witnesses to prove that the girl left her parents' place out of her own choice and was not forced or influenced by you in any case. This will help you to prove that you did not kidnap her but she left on her own. 

With regard to her family's illtreatment, you must encourage the girl to file a compalint under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005. Under this act she file a complaint before a Magistrate providing the detail of the torture she is facing at her house. The Magistrate has the power to assign a Protection Officer to protect her interest. For this also, she should have enough evidence or witnesses to show that she is being tortured or ill-treated. If she is not able to file a complaint, then even you can file a complaint under this Act on her behalf. 

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Respected Sir

The girlfriend of yours can not marry you before she gains the age of 18 years.

After that you can come to me. I'll will help you to get married legally and registered.

Feel free to contact me


Adv.Shuchei Agarwal



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