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S Jeya Bharathi S
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Asked October 28, 2017

Process to gain the custody of daughter

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I'm a widow....I I have a daughter who is 5 years old....last November I ran away from home and left my daughter in my father's househouse...i was living with them she is this suituitaion I'm living with someone i love who is also my co-worker...i want to get back my daughter, therefore I need our marriage ccertificate....i have widow documents and everything with Xerox to register with the help of lawyer and how will I be able to get back my daughter

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You need to file a case for the custody of your daughter and show that her best interest will be served by residing with her mother. For this you will have to ensure that you have the financial system to support her and provide the emotional anchor. The presence of your friend living with you maybe a challenge and you will have to show that your cohabitation will not harm your daughter in any way. 

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