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Prakash Kotadia
in Property Law
Asked July 01, 2017

Process to prove Land Ownership

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Sir, in 1950_ 60 land partition was done betwn 2 legal heirs in same revenue survey no., farm road allocation given by 1st part holder to 2nd is valid leagally or any docs need to be required to proove the ownership of farm road.

Answer 1

Hi, thank you for writing to us. Here's our response.


In order to prove the ownership of the property one can submit many documents.


1. Title Deed - This is the most substantial legal document to prove the ownership over the property. It mentions the name of the owner and also the details of the property. 


2. Sale Deed - If the property is the resultant of the sale of the property then sale deed can be submitted to prove the ownership since the sale deed is made only after the requisite conditions are fulfilled and the sale agreement has been executed. This is a legal document since sale deed have to be registered in the Registrar's Office who has the appropriate jurisdiction over the property. 


2. R.T.C -  This property document is issued by the Village Accountant. The document states the survey of the property and other details of the documents. It is given when the property is situated at a converted land (agricultural to non-agricultural or vice versa).


3. Katha Certificate and Extracts - Khata is an account of the person who owns a property. It can be of two type Certificate and Extracts. The person owning the property in the city will have the account in the records of the Municipal Committee. Khata Certificate is essential as it is needed for either the transfer of the property or registration of the property. It can only be provided after the required taxes are paid then it can only be registered. Khata Extract is to seek the details of the property. Khata Certificate can be acquired either going to the Assistant Revenue Officer of the appropriate jurisdiction of the property. Or you can visit the site of the your Municipal site and search the property in the records and get the details printed. But usually proving the ownership of the property requires ORIGINAL document hence, it is suggested to get Certificate from the Assistant Revenue Officer.


4. Mutation Register Extracts - This is also provided by the Village Accountant as R.T.C. This is provided when the property of the owner is mutated. For example, the property has been transferred by gift, the owner's name changes. It contents all the details such as previous owner, current owner, mode of acquisition. It does not require to be original to prove the title deed. 


5.Joint Development Agreement - This document is essential to show the ownership of the property which either held in the hands of the owner or with the builder. Sometimes, the owner gets into an agreement with a builder to build an apartment and sell a part of the flats. This agreement proves whether the property lies with the builder or the owner. 


6. Deed of Declaration - It is given by the association office to the apartment owners. It verifies the title deed of the property. 


7. Latest Electricity Bill - Submitting the latest electricity Bill and payment receipt from the previous owner to prove the ownership of the current owner. 



In your case, it is suggested that you should submit the title deed to prove the ownership of the farm road after the partition. For any further queries, please write to us.Thank you. 

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