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Shiva Kumar
Asked February 09, 2018

property dispute

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I have land purchased by my mom's dad in 1968 and then transferred on my moms name in 2002. So, now when we start doing construction in this land my father's younger brother is asking for share and asking to stop doing construction. How do I proceed next ?

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He cannot have a share, since the property is already transferred in your mom's name.

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If the land was purchased by the father, in name of daughter, then it was benami transaction. Normally benami transaction is prohibited, however, when such land is purchased as joint family property in name of any one member, then such property woudl continue be construed as joint property irrespective of the fact that such property was purchase in the name of one person. 

So after pursuing all case papers i can advise you subjectively, 


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Vivek N Mapara



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Your mother inherted land from her father and she become sole owner subject to you must have obtained Sucession Certificate or Letter of Administration or Probet from court that your mother is sole owner of land. 

Your Father's younger brother has NO RIGHT in this land because your mother inherited the property from her father.

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