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Anil Kumar
in Criminal Law
Asked September 24, 2017

Responsibility of parents when children elope

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मेरे. पापा.के.भाई.लडकि.के साथ.भाग गये. है.अऔर लडकि के घर वालो ने मेरे पापा और.पापा के भाई के नाम केश कर दिया हैं तो उसमे मेरे पापा जिम्मेदार. होगे या नही

Answer 1

A case for kidnapping can be filed against your brother only if the girl is underage. In case the girl is above 18 she has the right to go wherever she wants to go and the charge of kidnapping cannot be established. 

Assuming that she is under 18, the police will initiate it's investigation and your parents will be called for the same. Your father must maintain that he had no connection or any knowledge of the act of his son. He needs to maintain that he was not involved in the matter in any capacity. Quite often in such cases the parents of the other party are harassed to pressurize the boy to return. Your father must procure sufficient evidences/witness to establish that he had nothing to do with it. His conversation with your brother or witness who can show that he was in another place when his son eloped. This will be helpful although the Magistrate will have to be satisfied about it. 

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