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Kruti Pagar
in Family Law
Asked July 01, 2017

Right of the woman to dispose of her property

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My husband and my mother in law are co owners of the house. Now we are selling this house. My mother in law is saying that she won't give us half the share of money and she will either put it on her name or my daughter's name. But she won't give my husband his share. I need help here is it legally possible and what steps should we take to protect our interest. Also she is a divorce and we are a family of 3 expecting one more baby soon. Please I need help or she will cheat us... First name is hers and second name is my husband s. Kruti

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Firstly provide the Location of Property.

Secondly be specific about your Husband's Status in the proerty, whether he is a Guarantor. If he is the Co-Owner of the Property, then the amount's D.D. must be in both of the names and you can easily claim your Share. Its a very Simple Case and sort it out very Easily.

Better be Judged the situation or advise you after having Conversation.

Hopefully this Answer helps you out as the Information provided by you is very limited.

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Kindly examine the title deed of the property to identify the owner of the property. If your husband is the co-owner as it seems from your statment, he will have a right over his share only and your mother-in-law has the complete right to do whatever she wants to do with her share. The Hindu Succession Act will apply only if your mother-in-law dies without a will and then your husband being her son can get her share. As long as  she is alive she has the right to do whatever she wants to do with her share of the property. 

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