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Dilip Kumar
in Family Law Civil Law
Asked June 14, 2017

Rights of disabled in parental property

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I want to know about rights for disabled in parental property. My father and second brother don't want to give me share in parental property. They want to kill me in domestic fight. I am handicapped and unemployed. I have no business. How can I preserve my life and property?

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Dear Sir/madam,

Being disabled/physically abled etc. does not take away your right from the parental property. The only criteria is that whether you are their child or not. The virtue of this fact enables you to hold a share in parental property.

These things doesn’t even matter – you are handicapped, unemployed, having no business etc. You have every right to claim your share of property. Your claim in property is equally strong as that of your brother.

You can approach the nearest police station and file an application as an Intimation to what might happen tomorrow. Meaning thereby, your apprehension of getting killed or hurt/grevious hurt by your own parents. So that God forbids if anything unfortunate happens in the future then the police can be held responsible for having not done anything inspite of giving them a prior intimation. Also, if you are sure about such a conspiracy going on in your house about intentionally hurting you then, in the same intimation you can name the culprits to be held responsible for your death. Saying “If anything bad happens to you in future then your parents are the ones to be blamed for it and noone else”. The police complaint will be registered in defence of an apprehension or fear of getting hurt or more.


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