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Sanjay Shrotri
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Asked May 16, 2017

Sale of co-op housing flat to non government employee

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What are the formalities does a co-op housing society (formed for govt employees) has to follow to allow the flat/plot to be sold to outside people (non govt employees). And how to get the information about the same if society is unwilling to share.

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Dear Sir/madam,


If you are a member of the society, you have every right over the information of the concerned plot/flat. However, if one needs to buy a plot/flat forming a part of the concerned co-op society then he/she happens to become a memeber of the society first and subsequently buy the property (happens in most of the cases). The society membership needs a nominal registration fees to be deposited.

In a condition where one is an outsider to the co-op society and therefore is not a member of the society then the co-op housing societies genrally have a clause which says that if all the members of the society sign a document of No objection. This NOC (no objection certificate) states that “we, being members of the said society does not pose any objection in a non-member buying a plot/flat of the society and coming to live with us.” Generally happens in societies made specifically for a class of people. For eg. Civil servants society or society for armymen etc.

There are certain restrictions posed by the co-op housing societies which can be found in the local laws of the specific state, you are in. For eg. Maharashtra Co-operative societies act, 1960.

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