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Sales deed registration number

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I am searching for sales deed registration no . The 2 shops where purchased by my grandfather in the year 1927 to 1931 in Bhuleshwa area, Mumbai. Property tax, water meter and electricity bill are still on my grandfather's name. I enquired in Sub-registrar office they are saying get the sales deed number and date, we will give you the document. I asked the property tax dept. they are saying they don't have sale deed registration no., the building owner has come in the court saying he is the owner of this shop and my uncle is accepting this. Please advice.

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Sir, apparently, it looks like your uncle has sold the property illegally without your consent. To challenge this illegal sale (if it has been committed) you first and foremost locate the original sale deed. Apart from the sale deed number the deed can be located through the survey number of the property that is being sold that is the survey number of your grandfather’s shops. Further you may submit this number and locate the sale deed at the concerned registrar or state archives office. Also, you must engage an advocate and counter the claim of the owner, and must file a suit for cancellation of his sale deed. But initially you must obtain stay on any sort of proceedings on the land.

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