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Asked October 10, 2018

SCan nominee sell flat to another person

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100% payment is done by seller. As seller is an NRI so he has considered his mother as nominee. Now can his mother (nominee) sell flat to other person? Registry is not done of the property. The property is in Kolkata.

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No...for selling property power of attorney is required.

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Dear Sir,

A nominee is only a trustee she cannot sell. 

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The Nominee can not sell the flat to another.

The nominee receives the property in the capacity of a trustee only not as an owner. 

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Nomination for a property is considered when the Owner has passed away and legal heirs of the Owner are still to be found/ informed. Nominee can till such time, only HOLD the property.

In case of a living owner, a Power of Attorney specific for the purpose would be useful for the POA Holder to sell the property, if the Onwer is abroad or is not able to complete the sell transaction for some reason.

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