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Asked May 17, 2017

Single status certificate

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I am looking to make the following document - Bachelorhood/Single-Status Certificate/Unmarried Certificate (for visa purpose). I have already made a Notarized Affidavit (on a stamp paper) with attestation from Mantralaya (Mumbai) and Apositille by MEA, New Delhi.. But for some reason this notarized Affidavit is not being accepted by Embassy authorities. They are asking me to submit a Certificate of Marriageability/Unmarried Certificate - in certificate format and NOT affidavit format. This document should be signed by a local Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) or District Magistrate or Court authorities. I have read that such documents are only issued in states like Jammu & Kashmir, Jharkand, Punjab, Rajasthan, Sikkim and Uttar Pradesh issue Unmarried Certificate. As I am from Maharashtra, can somebody please guide me if such document is officially issued in my state. If yes how can I get this document made and attested by local Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) or District Magistrate. If not, I have been asked to get a letter in writing mentioning that the state of Maharashtra does not issue any such official document. Kindly guide me on above matter. Thanks a lot.

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Dear Sir/madam,

The condition varies from state to state. Some states allow and make this certificate while the others don’t recognise the existence of such a certificate. You need to first approach the collectorate office alongwith an appliction addressing your concern, once they approve of the application – further procedure of issuing a certificate can be proceeded with.

Generally such a certificate is Issued by the village sarpanch or by the District Administrator. You can refer to the link posted –

The certificate may be required (at times) to counter-attested by the Home Department of the respective state.

Or else, you can do one thing – if no certificate is available from the collectorate office then one can get an affidavit made and executed on a stamp paper of Rs.20. Thereby, testifying that the undersigned swears on oath that he/she is not yet married.


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