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Nilay Desai
in Civil Procedure Law Property Law
Asked September 17, 2017

Time required to file an appeal in property dispute

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I had the judgement the district court and if I want to go in high court within how much time I have to appeal from the date of judgement. The case is about the land and house.

Answer 1

The decree/judgement passed by any appellate Civil Court in the first appeal can be challenged by way of a second appeal before the High Court. If the case involves a substantial question of law. The second appeal can be filed even against an exparte decree/judgement of the first appellate court.

The appeal to a High Court from any decree or order has to be filed within 90 days from the date of decree or order, but if a decree or order of any High Court is to be appealed in the same court the period of limitation is 30 days. Equally, the period of limitation for filing appeal to any subordinate court from any order or decree is 30 days. The period of limitation for seeking review of a Judgement is 30 days and for invoking revisionary jurisdiction of the High Court is 90 days provided under limitation Act under Schedule Division II SNo. 116 (a).Available at,%201963



Jayant Garg

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