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Asked September 30, 2016

Training letter by a company

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My brother appeared for an interview and was selected for it starting with a training program for 2 weeks and will be paid stipend of 8000 INR and company assured him that after this training they will be send to Nepal for OJT but suddenly after 2 weeks they said there is one more interview process to cut short the team and sacked him after that interview. They wasted 15 days plus misguided on the selection process . It's no less than a fraud, kindly guide us on how to proceed legally. they are a group of 5 such students and have training letter issued by this company RTDS.

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Sir, the company which offered your brother a job can be booked under cheating. In

its essence cheating is an act that means deceiving someone for unlawful gain and is

codified under Section 415 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860. A dishonest

concealment of facts is a deception within the meaning of this section. Therefore

when the company did not inform your brother about the additional interview, it

amounts to deception and cheating under ambit of the section mentioned above.

Hence you can file a Private Complaint against the company before a Magistrate, and

request a relief that includes

1) selection of your brother as per the conditions before the additional interview and;

2) monetary compensation for the time wasted and mental agony suffered.

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