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Asked December 27, 2017

Validity of sale deed

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In 1949 father mortgaged with conditional sale a kaccha house and a mango orchard duly witnessed and registered by mortgagor Mahesh s/o.late Birju who represented his two minor sons as well.In 1953 Mahesh redeemed his kaccha house and sold orchard duly witnessed and registered sale deed again representing his two minor sons which was duly mutated in govt.records although rent paid is not up to date as we all were on transferable job.Rent is paid by us upto 1986. Now sons of eldest son ( died 15 or 20 yrs back) of Mahesh (dead) are raising disputes over our purchased orchard by producing a sale deed of 1946 duly witnessed and registered in favour of eldest son of Mahesh by Birju.The disputing sons of eldest son of Mahesh clandestinely mutated the land in 2016 without our knowledge and forcibly grabbing the land.Sec.144 id imposed by us so far. What would be legal validity og our sale deed against sale ded produced by disputing sons. Please help and guide us.We are hindus and senior citizens. Regards.

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