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Asked January 29, 2014

Water Tax in Salt Lake Kolkata

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I recently bought an apartment in Salt lake, Kolkata. Do I have to pay any water tax? If I have to, then what are the usage charges?

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Jayanth Ravi

Earlier, The Kolkata Municipal Corporation wasn’t taxing its residents for domestic water supply as it is traditionally a water rich city. But in recent years in a drive to control water wastage and better manage water resources (primary source is the Hooghly river) it has started to tax water supply even for basic domestic use. A new connection will be charged based on the size of the ferrule (size of pipe connecting to water lines), in addition to the road opening and/or restoration fees as the case may be. The latest applicable fees are available on the website of the KMC particularly at https://www.kmcgov.in/KMCPortal/jsp/WaterSupplyFAQ.jsp.

Generally for apartments in large residential complexes, the water is supplied and charged in bulk. The latest rates at which such bulk supply of water is charged is at Rs. 7/- per kilo-litre. Usually the same is recovered by the maintaining authority of a residential complex.




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