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Ajay Singh
in Family Law
Asked December 14, 2017

Wife threatening with suicide and dowry demands

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Sir, I was in relationship with a girl for just 6 months. She pressurised me to get married threatning me to commit suicide. We got our marriege registered in Dec 2016. I hide the fact from my family even they were ready for that girl when i told them abt the gilr in Oct 2016. Later i got to know that all this marriege thing was a conspiracy by the girl & her family so that they dont have spend a single penny on their girl's marrige. Me or my family never asked for any dowry. My family just wanted to have a good ceremony (without dowry) so that relatives & friends can gather and have a meal. My family decide to get us married in front of our society in Jan 2017. After marriege in Dec 2016, she started to change. She keeps on calling me whole day enquiring me where i am, and call in my office and to my staff to ensure that whether i am in office or somwhere else. When my phon is busy she asks for scrnshot to whom i was talking with and calls that person. She abuse me and my family regularly. She was living with her sister in a rented flat whose rent i pay after marriege. I pay for all her expenses aince then. She keeps on demanding more money to spend on her shopping and other stuff. I paid 30000 for her gym which she went for only 4 days. After knowing the fact that i know abt their conspiracy the girl told my parents abt the court-marriege in Oct 2017. After that she and her family keeps on threatning me and my family for jail term and police and dowry case if we objected for any thing. She keeps on mentally harassing me every day. She is 4 year older than me. I am in Govt. Job. I dont wanna live with a girl who abuse me and my family. Were are not in any physical relationship since long. Plz suggest me a way out. :(

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This has become a very big menace in todays society, any ways the justice system also acknowledges such false case and helps the real victim. You can file a divorce petition on the basis of cruelty cause by your wife. As she is also causimg trouble to you mother and other family members your mother can file a petition for domestic violence caused by your wife. As you have already married the girl, the previous non disclosure of your marriage to you family will not have much effect and is not a criminal offence, she is just using this to keep pressure upon you.


You can be better guided if you tell the complete facts in person or over a call. You may comtact me for the same or any other lawyer available with you.

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